About Us

The IAIM brings together the investment management industry in Ireland, with our membership representing over 80% of total assets under management.

About the IAIM

Founded in 1986, the Irish Association of Investment Managers represents the investment management industry in Ireland. It exists to:

  • Represent the members and the investment management industry in Ireland to relevant corporate, political, regulatory, media and other stakeholders;
  • Encourage responsible best practice among member firms and other stakeholders;
  • Develop the business environment for firms to encourage the growth of the industry;
  • Facilitate networking, knowledge-sharing and collaboration among members;
  • Promote and market Ireland as an international centre for investment management activity.

The IAIM has an active influence in policy development in Ireland and has developed long-term relationships with regulators, policy makers and other stakeholders. We also work closely with other associations, both in Ireland and internationally.

Membership of the association consists of two categories:

  • Full members, who are principally engaged in the business of investment managment and have a substantial link to Ireland
  • Associates, who, while not eligible for full membership, are otherwise aligned with the interests of the association