The IAIM works with key public and private stakeholders on policy development

The IAIM works with key public and private sector stakeholders on the development of national and international policy. We are committed to responsible and reasonable dialogue with all parties.

Ensuring the availability and quality of personnel

The association supports initiatives to facilitate the development of high-level skills in Ireland, including through:

  • supporting professional skills development
  • third-level programmes
  • promoting tax policy initiatives to attract and retain talent
  • encouraging students to pursue a career in the area.

Promoting responsible and proportionate regulation

The IAIM supports the achievement of a credible, responsible and proportionate regulatory regime that is aligned with international best practice. 

Supporting best practice

Association members are committed to promoting responsible best practice with their clients and with their investments. The association works as a representative of investors with companies promoting good corporate governance.

Engaging effectively in Europe

The regulatory and business environment for investment management is increasingly set through EU institutions. The association works with national and international stakeholders, including international trade associations, to represent the interests of the industry on EU issues and to ensure that members are fully informed of new developments.