David Hourihane, Managing Director, SDCL Ireland

David is the Managing Director and founded the SDCL Ireland’s office in 2013, having successfully managed SDCL’s bid to run the Government backed energy efficiency fund in Ireland, Ireland Energy Efficiency Investments plc. (IEEI). Prior to joining SDCL, David was recognised as one of Ireland’s foremost cleantech lawyers and, as a former partner in several leading Irish law firms. This included a position as Partner in Head of Energy & Cleantech at Philip Lee Solicitors (2012 – 2013) and Partner in Head of Green Economy Group at Byrne Wallace Solicitors (2008-2012). David has worked with leading clients in the energy, energy efficiency and cleantech sectors and his overall responsibility at SDCL is identifying, structuring and executing energy efficiency investments for IEEI plc and pipeline development opportunities as an Investment Committee member.