EMILY DAVY, CEO, Prescient Fund Services Ireland Limited

Emily Davy is the Chief Executive Officer of Prescient Fund Services Ireland Limited, the European arm of the Prescient financial services group. Based in Dublin, Prescient Ireland offers fund management solutions to regulated investment products, as well as fund administration services. Davy was previously Head of Legal and Compliance for Prescient’s Irish operations.

Emily’s ascent to the position of CEO is marked by a rich background in legal and compliance within the financial services sector. She joined Prescient Ireland in 2018 as the Head of Legal and Compliance and subsequently was appointed to the board of Prescient Ireland in 2021. As the CEO, Emily plays a pivotal role in steering Prescient towards sustained growth and ensuring the fulfilment of its commitment to providing exceptional financial services. She is also a member of the Prescient Group ExCo.

Prior to her role at Prescient, Emily was Of Counsel for investment funds and asset management at international law firm Walkers, having initially trained and qualified with Matheson. She holds a Bachelor’s in Civil Law and French from University College Cork and Université Robert Schumann Strasbourg as well as a Diploma in Applied Finance Law.